Should this prepositional phrase go here or here?

Comma or Colon?


Sentence Structure

I know that commas, colons, and other punctuation can be tricky. That's why I will help you make sure everything is in its place.
Is spelling not one of your strong academic areas? I will read through your work and make sure everything is spelled correctly.
In order to help you improve your work, I will help you organize your sentences to make sure your paper has strong sentence structure.
I want to help you improve your writing skills!

That's why we will work together!

I will read your essay, story, college application, and even your resume and check for any errors. I will make suggestions on how to fix it, tell you why, and answer any questions you might have. Using this method, we will not only improve your paper, but your writing skills as well. All you have to do is submit your work at leat two days before it is due and pay the $25.00 fee.

Grammar Queen

My goal is to help you write the best paper possible by helping you check for errors and edit your work accordingly. I strive to make your experience the best and easiest it can be at a price that is economically suitable for all.

Kaitlyn Glenn

Grammar Queen is operated by Kaitlyn Glenn. Kaitlyn is from a small town in Alabama and is currently a student at Auburn University where she plans to study environmental design.